Sharing Information with Remote Workers: Tools that Connect Employees Working at Home and in the Office

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What happened? It is July and we’re still not back together. If your team is still split between home and office, PULSE Dashboard brings you back together.

It is harder to get the information you need with key employees working at home. With PULSE Dashboard, every team member will have the tools and information they need, whether working at the office or at home. This powerful Dashboard and Reporting software provides real-time information on-screen, and pre-configured analysis reports for every department. It can be installed and up and running with your data in just a few hours.

Struggling with sharing information with remote workers? Watch these informative webinars to learn about tools that connect employees working at home and in the office.

PULSE Dashboard Overview Webinar

PULSE transforms off-the-shelf Macola® software to provide the specialized information needed by your company. It comes with pre-developed analysis reports and graphs to help personnel in each department make better and faster decisions. Reports can be customized with no IT support. This webinar is for those who want to know more as well as those who are new users.

Exact Synergy Fundamentals Overview

Explore how Synergy brings together your communications, interactions and account management to give you one source of information. If you are new to Synergy and you’re not sure how it works, or you just need a refresher, this video is for you!

PULSE Lockbox Overview

Overwhelmed with keying in customer payments? PULSE Lockbox imports customer payments into Macola® with NO manual keying! PULSE Lockbox software was developed ten years ago to import ShopNBC payments. A lot has changed since then. Lockbox now imports customer payments from your web site, Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, and numerous other online retailers. The big internet resellers are a huge opportunity, but if you don’t have the right systems in place, these payments will overwhelm your staff.

We are committed to continuing to invest in the Macola® marketplace to help you better prepare for your future. Give us a call to learn more.

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