Who We Are

Established in 1981 as a sole practitioner office that supported the early personal computers and related software, Leahy Consulting has grown into a highly successful reseller of Exact software.

Leahy’s earliest ties to application software was with the old MCBA package, and it included modules for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory control. Over the years this package became a full featured ERP system that we see today in the Exact (Macola) Progression series.

In 2001 Macola was purchased by Exact Holdings, a company based in Europe. Since that time Exact has continued to support the Progression Series, and also released a new ERP system called Macola ES. ES provided new features for better Financial Accounting and Reporting and stronger features for conducting business in today’s global economy. Exact has also developed several new software packages that work in conjunction with ES (eSynergy, Event Manager, etc.). Other packages have been added as well to complement the ES product family.


In 2003 Leahy Consulting started to expand operations by adding a marketing person and new technical support staff, and we became part of a group of Exact Resellers called Esta Group. ESTA Group was organized to strengthen the customer service and technical capabilities of each member and includes Leahy Consulting, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio), Quest IV, Inc. (Toledo, Ohio), Software Solutions, Inc. (Des Moines, Iowa), Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting, LLC (Saginaw, Michigan), Summit Computer Systems (Akron, Ohio), and Triangle Partners (La Verne, CA). The ESTA Group is the largest Macola reseller which means that its customers will have a stronger voice in the future direction of the software.

In 2006 we began building our team of programmers who develop and support our Pulse Dashboard software and other custom utilities. Later that year we added a full time support person to provide phone support service to our growing family of clients.

Our latest growth has come in an expansion of facilities. Late in 2007 we moved up to the 41st floor of the Carew Tower in downtown Cincinnati. This move has provided us with a larger training room, conference room space, and more room for our marketing and programming staff. We also have others on staff who contribute via telework arrangements.

We continue to look for ways to grow and expand our ability to serve our clients. With our active involvement in the Indiana users group, we are finding many new clients in that region. Our Pulse Dashboard software is being implemented in locations throughout the globe. New products are in the works which will give us the opportunity to find new ways to serve our client base and all companies that use Exact (Macola) software.


Having over 30 years of experience with thousands of client systems, we’ve positioned ourselves to be able to quickly identify your unique needs. Often we have encountered similar situations that enable us to determine a solution for your business problems. We’ve worked with a variety of businesses so we are aware of the many ways businesses need to use software to meet their needs.

Leahy Consulting strives to be the preferred value-added vendor and consulting service for Macola Software in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky region. Our experienced team of consultants will work with your staff to ensure the highest effectiveness of your software and the application to your specific business needs. We have experience in all aspects of the manufacturing and distribution arena, and we bring that wide base of expertise to bear on your specific needs.

If you’re using Exact software, give us a call to see how we might be able to help.