Support Services

PULSE Plus™ Assistance Plan

PULSE Plus is a new service for PULSE Dashboard and Reporting software users to provide customized and personalized assistance to help them improve their information systems and processes to facilitate growth and increase profitability, taking their company to the next level.

It includes day-to-day assistance, project work, training, documentation, custom programming and reports, making better use of your software investment, streamlining your workflows and project management, all for a fixed monthly fee. The fee is calculated based on your unique needs and can be cancelled at any time.

Examples of project work are right-sizing your inventory, streamlining your materials management, increasing inventory turns, sales & marketing analysis, financial reporting analysis, reducing the effort of processing customer orders, improving document management, automating repetitive processes, etc.

The best way to improve your systems:

  • We assign a Leahy Consulting project manager to keep projects moving.
  • You no longer absorb the risk of information systems project budgets.
  • We will assist with day-to-day and project work for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Our pro-active resources keep your staff better focused.
  • You are guaranteed to make better use of your ERP software investment.

Includes all this:

  • Your critical projects and employee productivity initiatives
  • Custom PULSE Dashboard reports and programs
  • Leahy Consulting improvement white papers
  • Large-scale projects may need to be quoted outside of this plan
  • A 20% discount for PULSE Archive software & PULSE SystemPRO service to optimize the speed of your SQL database

How may we help you?

Contact us today – we’ll schedule a convenient time to discuss what key projects and productivity initiatives you want to implement over the next twelve months, jointly determine the correct personnel and resources that should be involved, and quickly provide a quotation for your review.

For information about any of our other products or services, call Terry Lanham at (513) 723-8091.


PULSE Software Support

With each Leahy Consulting developed product, we offer unlimited phone support as well as unlimited training and software updates. We have a full-time support desk staffed by consultants with a combined fifty years of experience with Macola® software.

Our PULSE products set the standard for innovative features that allow you to make better use of your Macola® investment, are easy to use, and save you time. We continue to invest heavily in enhancements to add value to our products. In 2013, for example, we released twenty software updates containing new content.

We greatly appreciate your on-going support of our software and look forward to working with you into the future. If you have suggestions for improving the value of our products and support or want to give us feedback, please feel free to call.

What is included?

Unlimited day-to-day phone support calls, training sessions for new users or on-going training, and software upgrades containing new features.

How to contact us?

Our support desk numbers is (513) 723-8095 or send e-mail messages to

Is weekend and evening support offered?

Yes, just call ahead.

Is anything not included?

Your Macola® consultant is the best person to call for advice regarding making better use your Macola® software, etc. Customizing our products to meet your unique needs is available on a time and material basis.

What if I do not renew?

We appreciate you using our software, but we are staffed to work with pre-paid customers. You will need to pay previous year charges before receiving support, training or software updates.

What is the annual cost?

Our annual fee is 20% of the retail price of the software for which you are licensed.