Early in 2020, we worked with Century Business Solutions to get a company in NW Iowa interested in Century’s EBizCharge product for Macola. After two demos, they were impressed with the integration and efficiency it would give them when accepting and managing payments in Macola. They were happy to switch to EBizCharge, and the result has been a tremendous improvement in their workflow.

Present a unified sales and marketing front with Century Business Solutions

Century Business Solutions has been very responsive in helping us build out our presence on our website as well as running campaigns to communicate the benefits of the product. Their marketing and sales teams are enthusiastic and attentive to details. They are flexible and easy to work with. They stay in touch all along the sales process and include us, so we have a unified front for the customer, which is very encouraging.

Provide modern solutions for merchants’ changing needs

It is extremely rewarding to enable customers to meet the challenges of automating systems in today’s eCommerce-oriented world of business. As direct sales increase, volume of orders and cash can be impacted rapidly. We are happy to recommend the EBizCharge solution because it is easy to implement and get running quickly. This helps not only cash flow but also profitability.

You can visit our solutions page to learn more about EBizCharge for Macola.