Make Faster and Better Decisions with Macola®

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Is your 2022 goal to make faster and better decisions or get Macola® to run faster? We can make your dreams come true!

Increase Speed of Macola®

On the other hand, if you have been using Macola® software for several years, you have probably observed that it has been gradually slowing down. Business is no longer fun when your staff has to be scheduled after hours to run long posting programs. We can help.

As you continuously add new records to any SQL database, it slows down. At first, you do not notice it, but after using the Macola® software for several years, you start noticing a slow-down and getting bothersome error messages or lock-ups.

Our very popular PULSE Archiving software has been very effective to remove unneeded data and move it to a secondary database for occasional viewing. But there are several other components to getting the database to run faster.

Over the past four years, we have successfully helped Macola® customers significantly improve their day-to-day processing and eliminate error messages.

Make Better and Faster Decisions

If your company is like most, one of your top priorities for 2022 is to have the right information available to make better and faster decisions. We can help.

PULSE Dashboard includes modules for top management, customer service, finance, sales, inventory, purchasing, production, and MRP personnel. The analytical and information reports are built-in so you can start using them immediately.

Our PULSE Dashboard software is not just another dashboard. It’s a breakthrough in software design and is the result of years of development magic to give you analysis reports to transform your company.

Remember that good things happen to those who PULSE!

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