Our Commitment to your Macola® software

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Our customers have requested that we outline where we are going with the Macola® software market.

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes and uncertainty in the manufacturing and distribution ERP software industry. There are new players with brand-new software. There are large established players asking their customers to move to new software on the cloud. The Macola® software product is full-featured as it is a mature, rock-solid product.

Leahy Consulting strategy:

  • – We will continue to be the leading developer of add-on software to help you make better use of your Macola® software.
  • – We will continue to invest in the future of your Macola® software.
  • – We will also look for other markets for our Dashboard technology.

What are Macola customers asking for?

  • – Assistance to make better use of their Macola® software investment
  • – Supply chain analysis (i.e. “show me my shortages”)
  • – Help implement Best Practices
  • – Analysis of operations (i.e. sales margins, excess inventory, cash flow)
  • – Make better use of Synergy software for documents & workflow
  • – Warehouse Management solutions
  • – Process customer orders, payments, and purchase orders with no manual keying
  • – Macola data cleanup and improved accuracy

Not familiar with Leahy Consulting?

  • – We are Macola® experts with 30+ years of assisting hundreds of customers.
  • – We are manufacturing and distribution systems experts.
  • – We are the leading developer of add-on software to make your Macola® easier to use.
  • Click here for a full list of our software offerings
  • – Our staff of 17 consists of supply chain consultants, former IT managers, a CPA, a CPIM, programmers, and a dedicated support staff.
  • – Customers tell us they trust us, we really know the software, and we provide excellent service.

These are some recent examples where we enhanced our software to help make your Macola® easier to use and streamline your operation:

PULSE Dashboard

  • – Extensive MRP analysis of manufacturing shortages

PULSE eCommerce & Lockbox

  • – Two-way integration with Shopify
  • – Two-way integration with SPS Commerce
  • – Capability to import customer payments from any source with no manual keying

Customer & Vendor Web Portals

  • – Better collaboration with customers & vendors
  • – Get customers to key in or import their orders

In Summary

  • – We are committed to Macola® and our customers.
  • – We will continue to assist you to make full use of your existing Macola® software investment.
  • – We will continue to invest in developing software that makes your Macola® software easier to use and streamlines your operation.

Feel free to call me with questions or feedback
Mike Leahy, President

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