Is your Bank aware of what payments you are making? Use Positive PAY!

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Nearly everyone is hypersensitive about banking security these days. We change passwords, use secure portals, make sure things are encrypted properly and go to great lengths to keep sensitive financial information out of the wrong hands. But what about those checks you still write to your non-electronic vendors? Those still go through the mail and touch many hands.

Did you know that banks can accept a file of information about the check run you just did? Or even the check you had to void? It’s called Positive Pay and it’s easy to implement. Leahy Consulting has the application that can create this file for you, based on the requirements from your bank. The result is that the bank knows exactly what to expect. If there are any variations, questions are asked and the doubtful transaction won’t be processed. Above all, it gives you peace of mind, knowing that you and the bank are on the same page!

Give Terry Lanham a call and he can explain more about it.

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