Macola® Data Clean-up for Better Supply Chain Management

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Imagine that you are tasked with updating vendor lead times and safety stock levels for 5,000 items. At the same time, your production team is tasked with cleaning up 1,000 bills of materials. On top of the above, there is a new company initiative to implement MRP by April. Did you say you feel overwhelmed?

Macola® data clean-up for better supply chain management

Watch this webinar to learn about the Excel-based tools we have developed for maintaining your item files, bills of material, customer prices, routings, sales forecasts, etc.

How does it work?

You simply import your critical data files into Excel, make the needed changes, and then export the changes back into Macola®. Macola® users have been using our utilities for the past ten years to clean up their data and keep it updated in the future.

The results will be time savings, increased accuracy, and streamlined supply chain management.

Watch the webinar recording below.

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