PULSE for Amazon+ Software Automates Amazon®, Wayfair® & Other E-Commerce Sales

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Selling through Amazon and other online retailers can provide a significant sales boost for most companies, but processing all those individual orders manually can drag your business to a halt. Our new PULSE for Amazon+ software integrates these orders into Macola automatically, not only entering order and shipping information but also processing the payments. You get the benefit of new sales, without having to add overhead in customer service or accounting. It’s a win-win.

Expanding from the old truckload-shipment distribution model to individual orders can be a challenge, but it’s also a huge opportunity as more consumers turn to the convenience of ordering through the web. Once you decide to pursue this growth strategy, orders can increase exponentially.

Using our new PULSE for Amazon+ solution lets you efficiently handle the increased number of small orders while maintaining good margins.

Watch a video to learn more.

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