PULSE Dashboard Accounts Receivable Collection Notes Enhancement

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If your company calls customers to ensure timely payment, you know how tedious it can be to document a collections phone call and know when to call back if payment was not made. The PUSLE Dashboard & Analysis software makes your job easier by including collection notes and follow-up dates on the Accounts Receivable Detail Aging report.

Feel free to call our support desk at (513) 723-8095 for set-up assistance, to give feedback, and to offer suggestions for improvements.


  • – Collection notes – You can key in unlimited-length free-form notes for both customers and invoices. These can be modified or deleted at any time.
  • – Follow-up dates – You can set a follow-up date for any item.
  • – Collection Priority code – You can key in collection priorities and codes to meet your unique needs.
  • – Statement – You can email a statement to the customer during a collections phone call.

Getting started:

  • – Add the following columns to your A/R Aging Detail screen:
  • – Cust Collection Notes
  • – Follow-up Date, and
  • – Collection Priority
  • – Right-click on the ‘Cust Collection Notes’ column to add a collection note.
  • – The notes screen will display. You can key in an unlimited number of notes and optionally timestamp each one.

Below is an example of adding a customer collections screen when you right-click on the “Cust Collection Notes” column.

The following is an example of adding a collection note to an individual invoice.

For more information or a demonstration on any aspect of our PULSE Dashboard & Analytics software, call (513) 723-8091

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