PULSE Dashboard SMART Cash Flow New Features

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What is SMART Cash Flow Forecast?

The PULSE Dashboard SMART Cash Flow Forecast screen for Macola Software is included in the Financial Control module. It will assist you to better manage your available cash and eliminate tedious manual projections prepared in Excel.

You can display up to 20 columns of weeks, months or a combination with full drill-down to view the underlying details. Additionally, you can include an unlimited number of optional Other expenses such as payroll, loan payments, profit distributions, etc.

New Feature for 2020: ‘What-if’ Analysis

We are excited to announce a new feature for SMART Cash Flow this year! With ‘What-if’ analysis, you can now offset the normal calculations for Accounts Receivable and Open Customer Orders. There are two ways to do this. You can either use a number of days or you can use a percentage.

For example, you may want to create a forecast based only on each customer’s average days to pay. Then you can create one based on customer payments slowing down by 20 days. Or you can create a third report based on customer payments slowing down by 30%.

Accounts Receivable and un-shipped Customer Orders forecasts are SMART in that they realistically calculate based on each customer’s ‘Average-days-to-pay’ versus your payment terms.

cash flow forecast for pulse dashboard

Business Intelligence, Dashboards & Reporting Software for Macola® and Microsoft Dynamics GP®

Take charge of your business with PULSE Dashboard and Reporting Software. In just one hour, you can have the PULSE Cash Flow Forecast software installed and running at your office with your data. Contact us for more information or a demonstration of PULSE Dashboard.

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