Take Charge Of Your Business With New PULSE Dashboard

The Many Benefits Of PULSE Dashboard

  • Real-Time data, on-screen, company-wide, all the time
  • Important metrics not found in standard Macola
  • Manage with real-time data instead of yesterday’s reports
  • Click any item for more details
  • Eliminate costly manual reports
  • Modules for every department
  • One-click custom report writer
  • Installation & training in an afternoon

Take Dashboard Further With Our Modules

Module 1: Executive

  • Track customer bookings and shipments by day and month
  • Focus on orders to be shipped to maximize revenue
  • Track gross margins by day and month
  • Real-time aging of accounts receivable and accounts payable
Learn About Pulse Software|Executive Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 2: Sales and Marketing

  • Track sales by customer, territory, rep, distributor, category, etc.
  • Budget by customer, product, salesperson, etc.
  • View month, quarter, year, last year sales & margin vs. budget
Learn About Pulse Software|Sales & Marketing Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 3: Financial Control

  • Month-by-month actual vs. budget vs. last year graphs
  • Drill-down to view details
  • Department managers can now track controllable expenses real-time
Learn About Pulse Software|Financial Control Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 4: Customer Service & Shipping

  • View customer orders containing shortages and backorders
  • On-time shipping statistics by customer and item
  • Credit memos analysis
Learn About Pulse Software|Customer Service Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 5: Inventory

  • Inventory turns by month by item and ABC class
  • Inventory aging
  • View month by month on-hand, receipts, usage and turns — drill-down for history
Learn About Pulse Software|Inventory Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 6: Production

  • View raw material & component shortages preventing
    on-time manufacturing
  • View week by week production schedule
  • Production order dollar aging
Learn About Pulse Software|Production Control Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 7: Purchasing

  • On-time deliveries and quality performance by vendor
  • Aging of open purchase orders
  • Pinpoint past due orders and upcoming deliveries
Learn About Pulse Software|Purchasing Module Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

Module 8: Inventory ABC Class Generator

  • Quickly and accurately set the ABC class for each item
  • ABC classes can be set by item or by item/location
Learn About Pulse Software|Inventory ABC Class Generator Overview
Pulse Dashboard for Macola

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