Bring your team together and grow your business with Synergy.

Business process management and collaboration software

Exact Synergy is a full-featured business process management and collaboration suite that works with any ERP system. You can start with one function, then easily expand to other needs of your business.

Synergy makes information about employees, workflows, documents, projects, and accounts available wherever you are, allowing your team to work remotely on the device of their choice. It provides tight integration with commonly used tools like Outlook, Word and Excel. This leads to increased productivity, better efficiency, collaboration and accountability.


  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Workflow tracking
  • Process Management
  • Account Management


The timeline tool in Synergy is a collaborative tool for sharing and interacting with your colleagues.

Sales Opportunities

The sales opportunities tool in Synergy allows your sales team to collaborate and work together to close sales.

Account Card Management

The account card management tool in Synergy allows you to edit account cards to make them easier and faster to use.

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