Better manufacturing control for Macola®

LYNQ Software

We now represent LYNQ software for Macola® in North America. It works with both the Production Order Processing and Shop Floor Control software and solves complex manufacturing production scheduling and real-time labor reporting.


  • See ROI in less than 6 months
  • Quick to deploy and low total cost
  • Easily configured for any industry and any device
  • Instant insight with out of the box analysis
  • Automated data capture from machines and devices
  • Integrate planning and production in one solution

Resource Management

Resource management deals with manufacturing requirements, e.g. machines, tools, labor, and materials.

Definition Management

Definition management deals with the rules to produce a product, e.g. standard product routing.

Detailed Scheduling

Detailed scheduling deals with optimizing the use of resources to meet production requirements.


Dispatching deals with the transfer of production demand to equipment and personnel.

Execution Management

Execution management deals with the control of work through the sequence of operations as defined by the routing.

Data Collection

Data collection deals with the gathering, compiling, and management of data from production.


Tracking deals with the summarized real-time status reporting of personnel and equipment being used to produce a product including the current operating conditions.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis deals with the reporting of performance information and includes resource-based analysis.

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