Speed up your Macola® processing

PULSE Archive

Speed up your Macola® processing by automatically moving seldom-used data into a separate database.

Do you wish your Macola® software ran faster?

Macola® is a high-performance system, but as you accumulate more and more data, it naturally takes longer and longer to sort through the data in day-to-day use. The result is a database that will take longer and longer to perform everyday tasks.

Has it been taking longer and longer to process your Macola® Progression or ES transactions and print reports? Are you fearful of purging unneeded data because you will no longer have access to that data?

The PULSE Archive Software removes unneeded data from your Macola® database and archives it to another Macola® database in the event you need it into the future. Additionally, it re-indexes your Macola® data files for optimum performance.


  • Non-destructive - All records are preserved and easily accessible into the future
  • Easy setup - You choose what data is to remain in your active database
  • Risk-free - Eliminates the need to purge data that may be needed in future
  • Designed for Macola® - Works with Macola® 10, Progression and ES
  • Easy installation and operation - Unlimited training & support is included

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