PULSE eCommerce

Automatically Integrate Customer Web Orders Into Macola®

Automatically import customer orders into Macola® from your existing external website or web-based EDI.

Our unique software takes the load off by automating web orders directly into your Macola® system – no manual importing or keyboarding required.


  • Import customer orders from your external eCommerce website or web-based EDI software
  • Eliminates tedious keying
  • Increased accuracy
  • Works with B2B or B2C customer orders
  • Macola® Progression & ES
  • Also reads Excel files of orders from trade shows
  • Writes back shipper tracking numbers or ASN data

Eliminates manual re-keying of web customer orders

Revolutionary software eliminates re-keyingcustomer orders from your existing external web site or web-based EDI service. Shipper tracking numbers can be written back to the web site. Optional Event Manager processing to notify staff of incoming orders or print picking tickets. New feature allows outside salesperson and trade show workers to submit orders using Excel.

Writes back UPS, FedEx, etc. tracking numbers to web site

Orders are first displayed on convenient dashboard to pinpoint exceptions. The software can process two for one, free shipping, etc., as well as B2B and B2C orders. Exceptions are corrected on the screen and resubmitted. We customize the software to meet your unique needs. Unlimited training and phone support is included – we are always available to help you.

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