PULSE Lockbox

Automatically import lockbox receipts into Macola® with new PULSE Lockbox.


  • Imports bank lockbox files
  • Eliminates tedious keying of cash receipts
  • Automatic match to unpaid customer invoices
  • Detects partial & duplicate payments
  • Increased accuracy
  • Works with both Progression & ES
  • Also reads Excel and webbased EDI payment files

Match Unpaid Customer Invoices

New PULSE LOCKBOX imports your bank’s lockbox file and matches to unpaid customer invoices. Detects partial or duplicate payments as well as incorrect invoice numbers. If no match is made, convenient drop-down menus allow you to select the correct customer and invoice number. Balance all entries on the dashboard before posting.

Import Cash Receipts

Import customer cash receipts from your bank’s lockbox and automatically match with unpaid customer invoices. Make any corrections on the dashboard screen. Eliminates manual keying.


PULSE LOCKBOX works with both Macola® Progression & ES. Revolutionary software eliminates manual keying of cash receipts to increase accuracy and streamline your processing. We customize the software to meet your unique needs. Unlimited training and phone support is included – we are always available to help you.

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