PULSE Purchase Order Management System

Next Generation Purchase Order Management and Real-Time Vendor Interaction

The PULSE Purchase Order Management System allows you to collaborate in real-time on Purchase Orders with your vendors using Notes, Documents, Emails, Text Messages, and Reports.

Traditionally, buyers have to contact each vendor by PO to obtain promise dates, quantities available to ship, updated pricing, notes, etc. Our Purchase Order Management System puts your vendors to work for you. Now, the purchaser is no longer left wondering whether the PO has been received or is in the process of being fulfilled. Vendors can log into the system and acknowledge a PO, assign a promise date, and add notes when needed, so you can easily manage the purchase order process in real-time.

The PULSE Purchase Order Management System is web-based, so it can run on any browser. It is designed to integrate with your existing ERP system so you can start using it right away.


  • Streamline the buying and supplying process
  • Manage purchase orders faster
  • Monitor real-time purchase order status
  • Track vendor views and changes to a purchase order
  • Eliminate endless emails & voicemails to vendors
  • Make purchasing more efficient

Central Communication

All communication can be done within the software. Documents can also be attached to your Purchase Orders so everything is in one place. This eliminates endless emails and voicemails and everyone can see who needs to take action next.


You will automatically receive a notification when suppliers open a Purchase Order or update promise dates. Suppliers automatically receive a notification when a PO has been modified, approved, or needs reviewed.


Create your own custom dashboard from user defined searches. Easily see open POs, notes or POs that have never been viewed, and POs that need your attention.

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