Sales Order Web Portal with Real-Time Coordination

Sales Order Web Portal System

Improve collaboration with your customers, sales representatives, and distributors

The PULSE Sales Order Web Portal provides real-time collaboration with your customers, sales reps, and distributors using notes, documents, emails, and reports. The system is web-based, so it will work from any location and is always up-to-date. The portal is fully integrated with your Macola® ERP software, so you can start using it immediately. Traditionally, customers, outside sales reps, and distributors have to contact your internal team to obtain updated order status, pricing, inventory availability, shipping tracking numbers, etc.

The PULSE Sales Order Web Portal puts your customers, sales personnel, independent reps, and distributors to work for you.

– Customers, sales reps, and distributors can enter their own sales orders.
– Instant notification when an order ship or a ship date is changed.
– Tracking numbers are available online to reduce phone calls.
– New sales orders can be put on hold pending internal review and approval.


  • Manage customer sales orders faster
  • Monitor real-time sales order status
  • Communicate shipping tracking numbers
  • Share price lists and inventory availability
  • Eliminate endless email chains and voicemails

Dashboard and Reports

Create custom dashboard reports using your unique user-defined searches or use existing reports. Design the display of fields, add or remove columns, filter, sort, and group by any data field.

Collaborate and Communicate

Sales orders are all in one place. You can share documents, review and accept changes, correspond with customers/salespersons/distributors. All sales order changes are tracked and can be viewed by all. Receive an automated text or email for important events such as date or price changes, approvals, new notes, etc.

Security and Control

By user, you can control read/write permissions for any sales order data field and how each field is displayed. Add restrictions to processes for regulated industries, like chemical and food manufacturers. You can also control which data fields are viewable and which can be modified (promise date, price, quantity, etc.). Modified data fields are optionally real-time updated to your Macola® database.

Integrated Notes Engine

Provides a convenient space for sharing notes regarding a specific order.

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