PULSE Security

Centralized control and detailed reporting of individual user access to sensitive Macola® data.


  • Security information is easily and quickly viewed
  • Individual screen information can be exported to Excel
  • Your entire security database can also be exported to conduct further analysis
  • Security access can be given or removed using checkboxes on the screen
  • We provide unlimited training and phone support
  • You go home each night knowing that your sensitive company data is secure

Who Needs PULSE Security?

  • Macola® Progression customers that want to be absolutely sure which users have access to sensitive company information.
  • Macola® Progression customer that must be Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

How Does The Software Work?

  • The software reads your Macola® ‘Screens’ database.
  • The software displays security settings for all Macola® databases on your server.
  • You can run the software at any time.

What Does The Software Cost And What Is Included?

Please refer to our price list. Our software installation and setup fee includes unlimited installation assistance. Our annual maintenance and support fee includes unlimited on-going training, telephone support and software updates.

Download Our Brochure To Learn More About PULSE Security.

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