PULSE Import / Export Utilities for Macola®

Quick and Easy Solutions for Macola®

PULSE Utilities allow you to easily import and export information between Macola® and Excel. This eliminates hours of manually keying in information, which saves time and reduces errors.

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You can find features, benefits, and a full list of PULSE Utilities available to customers below.


  • Eliminate hours of tedious keying and proofreading
  • Save time and money
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Easily make corrections
  • Excel-based
  • Better manage your company

All-in-One Master File

Make changes to your Macola® master files in minutes.

Bill of Material

Make mass changes to your existing bills of material or create new ones.

Customer Price Code

Make mass changes and additions to customer price code files.

General Ledger Journal Entry

Create and import monthly journal entries.

Item Master/Location

Make mass changes and additions to item master, location, customer, vendor, and routing files.

Positive Pay Extract Software

Prevent Accounts Payable and Payroll fraud.

Sales Forecast

Maintain your Macola® MRP Sales Forecast or Master Schedule.

General Ledger Budget

Create and maintain your budget file.

Customer File

Make mass changes and additions to customer files.

Monthly Inventory Snapshot

Automatically makes a copy of your inventory on-hand quantities and costs each month for future reference.

Accounts Payable Invoices

Import Accounts Payable vendor invoices, expense, and purchase order invoices.

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