Powerful Software for Macola Users to Enhance Working From Office or Home

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When some team members are working from home and some are in the office, PULSE Dashboard brings everyone back together.

It can be harder to get the information you need with key employees working at home. With PULSE Dashboard, every team member will have the tools and information they need, whether working at the office or at home. This powerful Dashboard and Reporting software for Macola® provides real-time information on-screen, and pre-configured analysis reports for every department. It can be installed and up and running with your data in just a few hours.

Informative Webinars for Macola® Users

We are committed to continuing to invest in the Macola® marketplace to help you better prepare for your future. Watch these informative webinars to learn more about our business intelligence solutions for Macola®.

PULSE Dashboard Software Overview Webinar

This webinar is targeted to those who want to learn more about PULSE Dashboard as well as new users. This is a 45 minute webinar.

PULSE transforms off-the-shelf Macola® software to provide the specialized information needed by your company. It is the only software that comes with pre-developed analysis reports and graphs to help personnel in each department make better and faster decisions. Reports can easily be customized with no IT support.

“The PULSE Dashboard software continues to make our Macola® investment relevant by enabling us to better manage our business. Being able to easily customize the dashboard to deliver the information needed helps us stay on top of our business. Your ongoing investment in PULSE capabilities shows that you are listening to customer suggestions. Most importantly, your team continues to show a can-do mindset when we ask for help.”

– Todd Smith, CEO of Formwood Industries

PULSE SMART Cash Flow Overview Webinar

As you get your business back to ‘normal’, your cash flow has probably been impacted. SMART Cash Flow Forecast now offers ‘what if’ analyses. What if all your customers start paying 20 days late? We also offer a companion report that displays your upcoming customer shipments, week by week. This is a 30 minute webinar.

“In these tough times with COVID-19 and other challenges, it is so nice to be able to press one button to see what I will be shipping to customers in the next 8 weeks.”

– Scott Horne, CFO, ART Metals Group 

PULSE Purchase Order Generator Overview Webinar

Recording coming soon…

Having the right parts at the right time is fundamental to your operation. The PULSE SMART Purchase Order Generator eliminates the need for manually keyed purchase orders, using your company’s unique rules for when and how much to order. Oh, did we mention, NO MORE MANUAL KEYING OF PURCHASE ORDERS?! This is a 30 minute webinar.

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