PULSE Archive Software Overview

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Has it been taking longer and longer to process Macola® transactions and reports? Are you fearful of purging old data? PULSE Archive software speeds up Macola® by automatically moving seldom-used data into a separate database.

Macola® is a high-performance system, but as you accumulate more and more data, it naturally takes longer to process. The result is a database that takes longer to perform daily tasks. Our PULSE Archive will speed up your Macola® database. Guaranteed!

PULSE Archive software moves (not purges) old and unneeded data to a secondary Macola® database, so it is always available. You choose how many months of data to retain for each set of files. Each month, old data gets moved to your Archive database.

The result? Your Macola® database will run faster, AND you will always have access to your old data when needed. Our customers love the results.

Ready to learn more? Watch the PULSE Archive overview webinar below. 

During this overview of PULSE Archive, we will demonstrate:

Remember that good things happen to those who PULSE!

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