At Leahy Consulting, we have a talented development team in place. Scott Geiler is working on major improvements to the Component Tracker. The new name is Serial/Lot Trace View and it is part of the PULSE Dashboard Inventory module.

The new Serial / Lot trace view provides users easy access on one screen to research Lot or Serial Number data for all kinds of transactions. For companies that manufacture food, or other highly regulated businesses, this is a critical function.

Using this one screen in PULSE Dashboard, ALL information is easily identified. From the raw material purchase order, through the manufacturing orders, and to the ultimate sales orders. You can even search using a partial Lot Number.

In the below example, we’re searching for all Invoiced Sales Orders that this Lot Number was sold on and the manufacturing orders that produced the items. This tool allows you to spend less time searching for information and more time helping your customer.

Please contact us for additional information on the enhanced Serial / Lot Trace view.