New software will fix your never-ending inventory issues

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For most businesses, inventory control is a never-ending set of issues: too many of the wrong parts, not enough of the right parts, orders placed too late, obsolete or stagnant inventory, and more. What can you do to help? You need to take control and make sure you have what you need when you need it. Above all, you need customer orders to ship on time.

Our new PULSE InventoryPRO software is a system of tools that will finally let you master your inventory once and for all.

  Accurately calculates inventory ABC codes

  Pinpoints material shortages

  Optimizes inventory levels 

  Automatically calculates min/max & safety stock levels

  Precisely tracks inventory turns

  Calculates Physical inventory variance analysis

  Monitors Real-time stock status

  Provides Serial/Lot recall traceability

  Calculates recommended lead time by vendor

  Automatically generates Purchase Orders

  And you’ll ace your next cycle or physical inventory!


This powerful set of tools will change the way you run your business.

For more information or a private demo, please contact Terry Lanham at (513) 723-8091 or

PULSE for Improved Inventory Management – InventoryPRO 10-19

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