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PULSE Dashboard and Reporting Software

PULSE Dashboard adds advanced capabilities, real-time dashboards for every department, and one-click report writing to Exact Macola®.

Advanced Function Modules for PULSE Dashboard

PULSE eCommerce Software

Automatically imports customer orders into Macola® from your website or web-based EDI.

PULSE Archive Software

Speed Macola® processing by archiving older data and optimizing indexing. Completely data safe, no files are deleted.

PULSE Lockbox Software

Automatically import lockbox receipts into Exact Macola®, eliminate manual keying, match to A/R invoices.

PULSE Security Software

Master login and employee access management system businesses with multiple locations and many employees.


Comprehensive top-to-bottom service for Macola®, includes system analysis, pinpointing and repairing problems and corrupt data, and optimizing all settings.

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